#LearningBlog - What Is Blogger.com?

Hello? How are you ?, in this article I want to discuss a website for blogging or making internet writing, such as tutorials, and others. Well, the name of the site is www.blogger.com. On the website you can write whatever is on your mind, but remember there are also limitations. Do not you write the debts of your friends on the blog.

At www.blogger.com, perfect for hobby writing. Actually many websites for blogging, such as WordPress.com. And just the same in my opinion, only slightly different.

If you want to write a blog, do not hesitate to try who you know so Blogger success in this world hahahaha, amen!

If you create a blog, you should consistently write articles on blogs. Do not week just 1x, at least 3x a week.

Probably a lot of me, because this is still an introduction about www.blogger.com

See You In The Next Article... 

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