How To Get Subscriber On YouTube

Hello? A lot of New youtuber popping up and the week create new videos on there youtube channel but there very few youtube channel subcriber.  There are many who still service and sore stop. Well, here I will explain "How To Get Youtube Subcriber Properly and Correctly"

1) Character
Character is your nature naturally. Is your character funny or like joking?, your character must also be mainted in every video and people (your youtube channel subcriber) will want to know the activity on your youtube channel.

2) The audience should be confortable 
Yes, the content of your content must be good and the audience must understand and do not let the audience dissappointed because the content of your content ugly.

TIPS: you should be able to make the audience confortable, if the audience is confortable the he will subcribe on your youtube channel. 

3) Teach the "How To Subcribe To You"
Your videos are good and lot are watching, but "Did he subcribe on your youtube channel?&…

Here's how to avoid copyright on YouTube!

Hi? How are you? hopefully you will be more healthy and succesful. Amen. In this article i will discuss about "youtube rules". Many new youtubers who do not know, i am here will provide information about this

1. Do not use copywrighted songs

Yes this is important, what kind of songs are there copywright? songs from famous artists like alan walker or justin bieber, you can wear famous artist song but only few seconds.

2. Do not steal video

If you steal the video and get caught youtube, your account will be sanctioned. Try to make the video come from your idea, or ask your friends to give an idea. 

3. Use songs that are not copyrighted

If you want a song that is not copyrighted you can use epidemic sound, i think paid or if you want free can check on youtube audio library. 

Okay maybe that's it from this article, in case there are less please to add comment field. Thank you...


#LearningYouTube - Backsound YouTubers

Hi? In this article i will tell  for all of you, the title song used by many youtubers. But, sorry i just write the title alone with no the download link. Okay, let's see.

#LearningBlog - What Is HTTPS? And What Is Better With HTTP

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) has the same meaning as HTTP HTTPS only has the advantages of functionality in the field of security (secure). HTTPS was found by Netscape Communication Corporation. HTTPS uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) as sublayer under the usual HTTP application layer. HTTP in encryption and description of the page requested by the user and the page returned by the web server. Both protocols provide adequate protection from eavesdroppers, and man in the middle attacks. In general the port used by HTTPS is port 443. The level of security depends on the accuracy in implementing the web browser and server software and is supported by the actual encryption algorithm. Therefore, on a web page HTTPS is used, and the URL used begins with 'https: //'.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is an application layer network Protocol used for distributor information systems, collaborative and hypermedia uses muah of the interconnect…

#LearningBlog - What Is

Hello? How are you ?, in this article I want to discuss a website for blogging or making internet writing, such as tutorials, and others. Well, the name of the site is On the website you can write whatever is on your mind, but remember there are also limitations. Do not you write the debts of your friends on the blog.

At, perfect for hobby writing. Actually many websites for blogging, such as And just the same in my opinion, only slightly different.

If you want to write a blog, do not hesitate to try who you know so Blogger success in this world hahahaha, amen!

If you create a blog, you should consistently write articles on blogs. Do not week just 1x, at least 3x a week.

Probably a lot of me, because this is still an introduction about

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